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Personal loan – When should you avail one?

Personal loan is often regarded as an instant solution to fulfill the financial needs. While it really does help in terms of solving personal financial constraints, there are numerous overheads in this process. Often, people lack the knowledge on when to avail one and eventually, they put themselves in trouble. The other reason behind people choosing this option is because it requires minimum documents and no one monitors the usage once sanctioned.

When should you avail one?

This question has often pondered in the minds of borrowers.

  • Can you go for a personal loan to pay higher education fee?

  • Is it a good choice to go for it to purchase an appliance or a vehicle?

  • Is it appropriate to seek one to manage quick personal needs?

The answers are “yes”, but the process is equally tricky. Certain financial institutions make great offers to its customers while others have strict conditions. You can always avail one when you find that you retain the capacity to repay it with no chaos. Unlike any other loans, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights in knowing whether you will be offered or not. This one is totally different.

Here is a quick checklist to help you decide when to avail one. 1. Will applying for a personal loan benefit you? 2. How much is the balance after deducting the expenses from your salary in a month? Does it match the repayment amount upon purchasing the personal loan? 3. Can you manage your expenses until the repayment period ends (it is usually between 12 and 60 months)? 4. Have you been maintaining a good credit score for a period of time? 5. Is your life going to be steady for the next few years after you borrow? Would you have any other expenses lined up? 6. What alternatives have you arranged if, at a point, you are unable to repay the amount borrowed?

Ask these questions yourself!! Not once or twice but thrice so you understand the overall concept and complications involved in it.

How do you estimate your capability?

Visit which is associated with a wide range of banks and can advice you on the best solution. Fill in the simple application in the site and you will start receiving proposals! Make sure you also take a look at the list of conditions imposed by the lender. If at all, you require additional information or advice, reach the team and they will help you to evaluate your mental and financial preparedness towards seeking a personal loan.

Some dos and don’ts before availing.

* Do borrow when your alternatives are adequate. * Take the help of a financial advisor before availing one. * Don’t confuse personal loan with any other loans or EMIs as they are totally unrelated. * Don’t borrow too much, thereby going bankrupt. * Do check for your eligibility prior to taking one and make sure the terms are clear to you.


Every citizen isn’t financially booming or knowledgeable. At some point of time, we go for financial support and it often ends in problematic scenarios when you lack idea about it. In order to make life and finance simpler, Octopus Loan shakes hands with 26+ banks pan India and gives the best advice and solution to loan seekers on when to avail one and how to manage it post allotment.

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