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Credit card loan or personal loan – which is safe?

Are you going bankrupt? Do you need some quick money? You would definitely need some

expert advice to make the choice.

People often tend to interchange the words – personal loan and credit card loan. They have a vast

difference that requires attention. Credit card loan is unsecured while personal loan is often

secured. The former does not require any major documents while the latter demands specific

documents in order to process the loan. The documentation process is almost similar in both the

cases but the procedure post approval is entirely different.

When should you go for a personal loan?

Personal loan is highly suitable when the amount needed is higher. When there are multiple

requirements, it is applicable to go for personal loan as you get adequate period of time for

repayment and it also enables the person to plan bills. The interest rate is preset and does not

vary. Personal loan is less risky as you will know all the required information such as interest

rate, monthly repayment rate, date and net repayment period. All these are fixed and there is no

urgency to pay the complete amount at one go.

When should you go for a credit card loan?

This type of loan is preferable for those who require financing in less numbers. If the amount

required is less, this loan becomes helpful. The point to be noted here is that the bank sets the

minimum due to be paid every month. If unpaid on time, the interest rate goes higher. This

shows that it requires preplanning and goes risky if the repayment is either delayed or missed.

The repayment period is again very strict and the interest rate varies from one bank to another.

Which is safe?

While both are available and come hand in hand, it is encouraged that personal loans and credit

card loans are appropriate for high and limited amounts respectively. There are times when the

credit cards come with 0% interest and there are some with travel or cash bonuses. In those

cases, you can relax a bit. Again, all these would require proper monitoring of your card and the

balance amount to be paid. Maintenance of credit score becomes the key.

Here are few tips to ensure you are safe:

1. Pick a financial advisor from Octopus Loan and explain the need followed by current financial


2. Allow the expert from Octopus Loan to conduct analysis of your financial scores and loan


3. As numerous banks are associated with Octopus Loan, you will not only plan your repayment

but also ensure safe transactions.


Both types of loans are safer when your purpose and proposal are clear. This cannot be done

single handedly and certainly demands advice from experts from Octopus Loan. These experts

can guide you to the right banking organization and advice on the method to repay without losing

your credit score or putting yourself in trouble.

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