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How to determine credit score?


Get your credit card in a minute..!! This is the advertisement displayed by most of the banks which attracts a lot of people and motivates them to apply immediately.. But, how many of us get it approved? Non approval happens due to a bad score or poor financial health. Credit score plays a major role when you try applying for a loan or a credit card. The decision makers treat this score very critical in managing the customer requests. Banks throughout India follow CIBIL score in order to sanction requirements.

Why is credit score awareness important?

It is as important as expenditure management. There are several times in life when we either go bankrupt or some emergency situation might demand instant cash. In those cases, people often opt for loan or utilize credit cards. Such requirements get approved if and only if your credit score is healthy. This is the procedure to all banking and finance institutions as instructed by CIBIL. The awareness on this subject can certainly help you in emergency financial situations.

How do we determine a credit score?

There are various ways to determine credit score.

1: The first option to determine is to approach a credited banking institution that can offer their service in finding your credit score. For instance, Octopus Loan enables customers in knowing their credit scores based on answers to a few financial questions and their spending habits. The advice from experts of Octopus Loan can even let you focus on constraints and go ahead towards fulfilling your requirements. This direction can let the customers to plan for the future.

2: Borrowers or applicants can visit CIBIL website and apply in the form available for knowing the credit score. Although you may get proofs and details on score, the direction regarding decision is quite doubtful. If you are knowledgeable enough towards these terms, you may take your decisions.

3: The eventual option is to buy the credit score from reliable credit reporting companies.

These reports can educate you in terms of your present financial health, credit profile and identify possible errors that have caused damages.


* Higher the credit score, higher the possibilities in getting your application sanctioned.

* To maintain or enhance credit score, always have a financial plan for the month and the corresponding contingency plans. This proper planning can let you go financially stable.


Determination of credit score is indeed easier and quicker with quality brands like Octopus loan that can direct, walkthrough and assist in major financial decisions. As the brand is associated with 26+ banks, it is even helpful when the customer tries to determine credit score to either seek a loan or obtain credit cards.

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