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10 Things to do before 2015 ends

Salary, loan, card, finance – have these words been buzzing in your ears throughout 2015 and tiring you? Don’t worry! You have got a solution to get rid of financial tensions and enjoy a glorious time in 2016. To achieve it, you have got 10 things to do before the year ends or you may miss something really valuable.

  1. Prepare a report stating the expenditures made in 2015 and categorize them based on their needs to cut down unwanted expenses. Make a chart to ensure that you don’t repeat them in 2016.

  2. Make a list of payables in 2016 including EMIs, loans to understand the essential savings that you need to make so as to lead a tension free year. It’s always good to plan in advance, isn’t it?

  3. Do you want to begin savings for your kids or launch a retirement plan for yourself? Consult the experts at Octopus Loan so as to lead a year devoid of financial tensions.

  4. List down the probable savings every month, incomes from family members and classify expenditures and savings. This initiative will undoubtedly help you in terms of handling emergency scenarios.

  5. Got a plan of building a new house or buying a car or arranging finance for marriage? Choosing the right financial advisor can help you. With no second thought, enter your details at

  6. Study market trends and fluctuations that happened throughout the year 2015. This is something crucial as your plans, investments and future are based on these. If you do not know to evaluate it, take support from financial experts. This could be a one time learning for a forever productivity.

  7. The most common mistake that people commit with respect to financing is the lack of knowledge. For instance, people pledge jewels for certain amount but bother less about the repayment type and hidden interest rate forced by the banking institutions. If you have a new plan in the upcoming year, remember to thoroughly analyze interest rate (fixed or variable) and determine the savings with number of options. Never stick to one option. Learn simple ABCs of finance!

  8. Think multiple times before you take a decision! Finance is a serious game which can fail anyone irrespective of their capability levels.

  9. File your tax statements and returns on time. This is a critical activity that influences financiers.

  10. Maintain a safe place to record all your documents. Missing a document is equal to missing a job.

These 10 things might appear simple to do but they have the highest effectiveness in your financial status. Plan safe and have a productive year! Remember, if plans are not strong, reach out to the team of Octopus Loan for assistance!

Happy Financial Year!

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