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At Octopus Estates, we provide exclusive services to NRIs.  We don't sell our services but build a relationship with our clients based on trust.  



Property Management

For a hassle free experience rent-out through us. Property Management will cover


  1. Free Tenant Search, Background verification, and onboard the tenant in to flat, Security-check App

  2. Periodic Home Inspection, and inventory report

  3. On time rent deposit in to your account

  4. Free rental agreement

  5. Dedicated Tenant Manager

  6. Need basis repair and Fix

  7. Property documentation 

  8. Katha

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Buy or Sell

Rent/Sell property in 3 simple steps

  1. Register with us

  2. Post property details

  3. Receive enquiries


Our experts perform several quality checks before your property photographs go live. Here are the guideline to
post photo.

  1. Supported photographs formats are "JPEG" and "PNG".

  2. Acceptable file size range is 10 KB-10 MB.

  3. Upto 50 photographs can be uploaded for each property listing

Statistic calculating


Home Loans

Octopus Estates goes a step ahead to help its clients looking for a home loan. It is a two step process:

  1. Check Loan eligibility

  2. Apply for Home Loan

Are you a NRI who is planning to buy property in India and searching for the complete guide to help you investing in India? If yes, here is the complete checklists for NRI's for buying property in India. Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions in one’s life and thus, before going for it, a buyer should know the legal process of buying a house in India. An NRI should be more vigilant as he/she lives thousands of kilometers away from the place of buying a property in India.

Below are a few legal and other checks which an NRI should conduct before finalizing a deal.

How NRIs can buy property in India: The Complete Checklist

  1. Verify the title of the property

  2. Check your seller

  3. Check land use, construction approvals and Occupancy Certificate

  4. Ensure payment of all the taxes, mortgages and other claims

  5. Physical Visit

Man Signing



Buying a property is an expensive affair. Any mistake in the legal due diligence could land you in serious legal disputes. That's why it's important that you maintain caution and check all the important documents before you sign the deal.


Take a look at some of the most important documents you must verify before buying a property:

  1. Property documents

  2. Land use permission

  3. Occupancy certificate

  4. Construction approval

  5. Encumbrance certificate

  6. Tax payment receipts

Legal Services:  Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. It's important that you invest your hard-earned money in a property that is free from legal disputes, while avoiding fraudulent sellers.  Hiring a Legal Expert can help make sure your investment is safe. These experts offer end-to-end assistance in the legal process of your property buying journey, so you can sign the deal with confidence

  1.  To check the Title Deed & make sure there are no ownership issues

  2. To make sure documents are not fake or forged

  3. To execute Sale Deed & ensure a smooth ownership transfer

  4. To check any outstanding loans against the property

  5. To ensure a hassle-free property buying experience

Real Estate Buyers



Home inspection can save you a lot of Time & Money

  1. Discover serious defects before taking possession

  2. Protect your investment

  3. Make sure you get what you pay for

  4. Ensure safety of your family from serious household accidents




All Construction Needs Under One Roof

  1. Architects

  2. Contractors

  3. Interior Designer

  4. Renovators


Reach out to us to know about our

  1. On Going Projects

  2. Completed

  3. Our Recent Works

  4. All Projects



Property Tax

Property tax or house tax is the amount that the property owners have to pay either to the area's municipal corporation or local government. The owners of all the tangible real estate properties (residential or commercial) like offices, houses, buildings, etc. must pay the rent annually. However, the tax amount to be paid is based on the property size, area, type of construction, etc. The amount collected by the government from the property owners is used for maintaining or repairing the amenities of that particular area including parks, roads, sewage system, school, sanitation, etc.


  1. What Are the Types of Property in India?

  2. How Property Tax is Calculated in India?

  3. How to Pay Property Tax in India?

  4. What is the Interest Rate on Property Tax?

  5. How Can You Claim Exemptions on Property Tax?



Property Verification

How do I verify my property on Octopus Estates?

  1. Once the appointment is fixed,

  2. Our professional photographer will visit your house.

  3. Click HD photos of your property.

  4. Verify the property details.

  5. Upload the property photos on the site. Your property will be tagged as Verified on Octopus Estates.

  6. What are the documents required for property verification?


Depending on the type of property you are buying, you will need to get the relevant documents verified by a Property Lawyer.

  1. Sale deed in the name of the present owner

  2. Agreement to Sale

  3. Will

  4. Partition Deed

  5. Mutation Deed

  6. Development Agreement

  7. Sanctioned Plan

  8. Encumbrance Certificate

  9. GPA/Power of Attorney

  10. Property Tax Receipts

  11. Proofs of payment made to the builder

  12. Apart from this, any other documents you have for the property



Vacant Site

Vacant site services: Rs 25000/- (*includes 18% GST)

  1. Property dashboard

  2. Geo tagging

  3. Boundary marking

  4. Property photos

  5. Periodic cleaning

  6. Market guidance

  7. Selling assistance

  8. Property development advisory

  9. Quarterly video log

  10. Live video on demand

  11. Encumbrance certificate

  12. Assistance in legal services

    *site area upto 600 Sq meters. For high dimensions, contact us

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